The answers to those questions you had in mind!

Is this suitable for my child?

Amazing! is designed for boys and girls children aged 6 - 12, and our subscribers tell us that even younger and older children benefit from our title.

When will my first copy arrive?

Your first issue will be with you between 3-5 days from placing your order. All subsequent issues (if you've ordered a subscription) are delivered around the 15th of each month.

Will my 12 month subscription automatically renew?

A 12 month subscription does not automatically renew. We will email you just before the end of the year reminding you to resubscribe if you wish. 

Will my 3 month subscription automatically renew?

The 3 month subscriptions does automatically renew after 3 months, until you cancel your subscription. To do this, simply send us an email to subscriptions@amazing.org.uk before your next payment date.

How does your 30 day money back guarantee work?

If you or your child aren't completely in love with Amazing! magazine, simply send us an email and we'll arrange a refund of your subscription. 

Are my card details safe?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, all payments automatically go through the world’s largest payment processing companies, either PayPal or Stripe who deal with your bank directly, and we never see your card or bank details. PayPal alone processes over 5 million transactions per day!

Do you include advertising?

Hardly ever. And if we do, they are very carefully selected to enhance the reader's experience and definitely be suitable for children. The majority of our ads have been for children’s charities including Comic Relief. We also ensure that adverts are clearly marked as ‘advertising feature’ and only appear on the outside back cover.

How do teachers use it in school?

We have thousands of school subscribers and the feedback from teachers is overwhelming positive. We find that teachers use our articles as inspiration for class work, or even base a string of sessions or project on an activity. Independent reading time with Amazing! magazine is also popular and it's also stocked in a large number of school libraries. Of course there is always the opportunity for your class to write or get in touch with us to share how great it was afterwards! 

How does it cover the curriculum?

We literally go everywhere and make everything amazing. We can take you to Japan, where you find out a few things you really didn’t know. We can have you cooking up a storm in the kitchen or out on a farm learning moral lessons with sheep. We can have you hiking up the highest mountain and being back in time for a good old debate about games consoles and technology... Intrigued? You just wait... 

Do kids love Amazing!?

It’s brilliant in theory, and in practice – we know this because we’ve given it a good old go ourselves, and had the toughest critics in the business put it to the test: children! It turns out they really like getting into our weird and wonderful material. In fact, you’ll be surprised at the amount of strange and amazing things you’ll remember after reading about them in Amazing! Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed. 

Will my boys also read this?

We appeal to absolutely everyone. Girls, boys, men, women, aliens... We alternate topics and style, tone and delivery in the effort to get all children reading Amazing! and thoroughly enjoying the content within its pages. We spent over 14 months very carefully researching and planning our content delivery system with the help and support of many teachers and hundreds of schools. We understand what excites children and how to engage them. Amazing! works with simply everyone. 

What's cross-curricular learning?

That’s a very good question! When you can apply Numeracy to historical topics like the mummies of ancient Egypt, or apply Literacy to a story about the discovery of liquid-volumes, that’s cross-curricular learning. We find connections between things, because life isn’t compartmentalised; it’s full of associations and links and complicated relatives... And that’s just in one family! Jokes aside, we feel that children need to know the historical events like battles and wars coincided with scientific discoveries, economic changes, environmental consequences, and so much more! Cross-curricular learning is simple yet often overlooked. It is super important, we think. That’s why we’ve got tonnes of it in Amazing! 

This looks amazing, how do I order?

On our handy little drop-down menu, we have a page entitled ‘buy’ – follow the instructions and voila! Amazing! will be heading your way. That’s when the excitement mounts and you order a million copies, wait for them to be delivered and dance with glee. 

How do I cancel if I need to?

Just send us an email to subscriptions@amazing.org.uk or call 01778 392 488 and we’ll cancel your subscription immediately. 

How do I renew my subscription?

It's easy, just send us an email to subscriptions@amazing.org.uk or call 01778 392 488 and we’ll do the rest! 


If you have other queries please feel free to contact our team by calling 01778 392 488 or email subscriptions@amazing.org.uk