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"My daughter liked her first issue so much that she keeps asking about her second. I promised I’d find out if it's out yet…"

Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio 2

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Your child will be engrossed in learning!

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"I think I just found the perfect magazine for kids"

Evette Garside,


Amazing! Features

12 Issues

With a new issue arriving every month, there's always plenty of regular content to continue the excitement throughout the year.

36 Pages

Each issue has around 36 pages of bright, colourful and vibrant content providing a wealth of engaging learning.

18+ Articles

By creating 18 spreads in each issue we're able to tap into the huge variety of interests that both boys and girls enjoy.

6,000+ Words

Our writers are educational specialists that ensure each issue is brimming full of cleverly produced valuable content.

Wonderful Issues

The marvellous issues combine academic subjects with topics that children actually want to read.

Brilliant Content

With articles, facts, stories, poetry, debates, activities, puzzles and jokes, there's plenty of engaging content for every child.

Engaging Design

Beautifully designed and cleverly written pages make learning relevant, exciting and fun.

Exciting Themes

Each issue comes with its own fresh exciting theme, designed to connect the topics together in the most fun way. 

See what our readers are saying!

At last, a magazine that will keep my daughter entertained.

Shilpa Saul,

This a great magazine for my 9 year old son. Written in a way that he can understand and take in, without going in one ear and out the other.


"It goes down brilliantly with both my 5.5yr old son, and my class of 8 and 9 year olds; they are all captivated by it"


Just wanted to let you know that our Associate Principal is very impressed with the content of the magazine and the children are loving reading them, thank you so much.

Julie, Thurcroft Academy

Amazing! is an educational fun magazine filled with brillaint article and facts for kids. It totally engages kids whilst teaching them fun stuff too.

Becky Goddard-Hill,

It’s just brilliant to see the children so focused on something other than video games and phones

Mrs Williamson

I share the copies out to 4 ward areas and the children enjoy the activities and the jokes pages, and the parents like watching their children learn facts while having fun.

Jodie, Birmingham Children's Hospital

These are great to use with the students’ reading partners’ groups. They're not too text-heavy, it’s fun and enjoyable, and at the same time educational.

Mr Miah, Head of year 9

My pupils asked me to subscribe and I was thrilled they’d been reading something valuable, which makes a change.

David Peters, Kingston-upon-Thames



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