The Amazing! Children's Digital Educational Magazine Gets Children Aged 6-11 Learning While Having Fun!


"My daughter liked her first issue so much that she keeps asking about her second. I promised I’d find out if it's out?"


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"The real testers were Lily and Thomas (9 & 7 years). I gave them a magazine each and they read them cover to cover in bed that night."



"Not only is this magazine educational… but it manages to do it in a sneaky way. My boys were completely engrossed."



Available Exclusively In Digital Format

Help save the planet and reduce costs by enjoying the best children's educational magazine in the world in digital format. Access it on any device, including computers, tablets and smartphones - from anywhere in the world. Alternatively, print off the issue easily to enjoy on paper.

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As Seen On TV!

Ever wondered how you could inspire your child  to fall in love with reading? And to read what they actually need to know for their school’s National Curriculum topics? But most of all, for them to thank you for it because they’re having so much fun? Well, folks let us introduce you to Amazing! Magazine!

It's Based On The National Curriculum And Covers All The Subjects!

Each magazine covers Maths, English, Science, History, Geography, Literature, Health, Art and Design, Poetry as well as Personal Skills!

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And Each Monthly Magazine Is Packed Full Of Brilliant Fun!

The beautifully designed pages include articles, facts, stories, debates, activities, puzzles and jokes, so there's plenty for kids to do!

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Each Digital Issue Of Amazing! Magazine Comes With Its Own Exciting Theme

Amazing! Issue 34 - Incredible Inventions!
  • 36 Pages

    Each magazine has 36 pages of bright, colourful and entertaining content that provides a wealth of engaged learning.

  • Amazing Illustrations

    There’s loads of fun illustrations and cartoons on each page, which helps bring learning to life and makes the magazine accessible to even the most reluctant reader.

  • Engaging Content

    Every issue is packed with puzzles, quizzes and fun stuff to make and do! Perfect for getting children away from their screens and engaged in the world around them.

  • Full of Facts!

    Each issue comes bursting with loads of facts that will make your kids go WOW! All our articles are thoroughly researched and meticulously checked by our editorial team.

  • It's Timeless

    Educational content is timeless, hence each issue is numbered not dated, and designed to be read over and over.

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  • It's Digital

    A digital copy will last forever, can be viewed on any device including computers, tablets and mobiles. It's designed to be treasured for years.

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  • It's Collectable

    With a fresh and exciting theme for each magazine, children can build their own collection of fun educational content.

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What Our Readers Are Saying...

"My daughter liked her first issue so much that she keeps asking about her second. I promised I’d find out if it's out?"

"I think I just found the perfect magazine for kids"

"It goes down brilliantly with both my 5 year old son and my class of 8 and 9 year olds, they're all captivated by it"

"It’s just brilliant to see the children so focused on something other than video games and phones"

You will find something in here for everyone. This is one magazine your child can't afford not to read! Absolutely amazing!

Just wanted to let you know that the children are loving reading the magazines, thank you so much!

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12 Magazines Annually

A brand new issue of Amazing! packed with a new theme is sent to you each month so that your child has plenty of awesome content to enjoy all year around.

Easy Digital Subscriptions

Download the issues on your computer, tablet or mobile and read them from anywhere in the world. You can even print them off if you like.

100% satisfaction guarantee

We know that children absolutely adore Amazing! magazine. A full refund is available if your child isn't absolutely in love with Amazing! magazine.

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