Amazing! Magazine, the monthly magazine that is getting children excited about learning, proves there’s more to kid’s magazines than the free gift on the cover

Amazing! Magazine, the monthly magazine that is getting children excited about learning, proves there’s more to kid’s magazines than the free gift on the cover


Amazing! Publishing launched Amazing! Magazine, a fantastic monthly publication that makes learning fun and exciting, back in 2014. 

Bucking the trend of cover mounted children’s magazines that fill the newsstand, Amazing!’s founder, Yousuf Aslam, wanted to create a product where the value was placed in the content inside of the publication and not on the cheap gift stuck to the front. Having previously setup and run a successful children’s educational training company, Yousuf saw a need in the market for a fun, educational magazine, where children would be able to learn lots of awesome information in an exciting and entertaining way.

"I wanted to start with something that children find fun and make that educational, rather than trying to make educational resources fun - and a fun Amazing! Magazine proved to be exactly what was needed" Yousuf Aslam, Founder

With no previous publishing experience, Yousuf taught himself the skills he needed to make his dream a reality and in January of 2014 he single-handedly began to write, edit and design the very first issues of Amazing! Magazine. Since then the magazine has gone from strength to strength and he now has a brilliant and high calibre team of eleven people who help produce the magazine and are affectionately known as Team Amazing!

"I wanted to ensure that everyone in my team were better at their job than I could be, but also those that could carry my vision" Yousuf Aslam, Founder

Aimed at children aged 6-11, Amazing! Magazine is 36-pages long and is bursting with amazing facts, awesome articles, fun quizzes and lots to make and do! All the content is written and edited by educational professionals and children’s publishing experts, who know how to keep kids engaged and interested.

Yousuf didn’t want to create a magazine that got thrown away at the end of the month, instead he wanted to create a quality product that his readers could collect and go back to for pleasure and for school work and projects.

Every issue is printed on high quality gloss paper, and is centered around a main theme. With over 30 topics featured so far, they included the Vile Victorians, Super Planets, Fantastic Flying Machines and The Stone Age. Each page is beautifully designed and is bursting with easy to digest information and fun and humorous illustrations. The content covers core Key Stage 2 subjects, including English, maths, science, geography, history and PSHE, and with over 6000 school subscriptions so far, it’s proving to be a real hit in the classroom.

"It's so lovely to see children engaged with something other than electronic devices, that's educational and fun too!" Mrs Heathway, Chelmsford

Costing £49 for a yearly subscription, Amazing! Magazine is available in 16 countries worldwide and has over 180,000 readers, showing that when it comes to children’s magazines high-value content instead of free gifts translates to a long-lasting and loyal customer base.

"I think I've found the perfect magazine for kids" Evette Garside.